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Maryland pool demolition gives you your yard back and our team can help you. Many of today’s pool owners are wondering why they ever invested in an in-ground pool. Others have had their interests change and want to take back their yard. The good news is our team is happy to work closely with you to remove an unwanted pool completely and safely. There’s no reason to put off this process any longer. Let us get to work for you.

Why Removing a Pool in Maryland Makes Sense

Pool removal in Maryland affords homeowners a number of fantastic benefits. If you have an in-ground pool that you no longer use or benefit from, removing it may be exactly what you need to open up your yard space again. The benefits of removal include:

  • Having more space to use your yard as you would like to, such as for an entertainment area or even a garden
  • Reducing the amount of money you spend each year on chemicals, pool repair, and overall maintenance
  • Reduces the amount of time you put into managing your pool as well as watching the kids play in it
  • Reduce the amount of liability insurance you have – if you had to increase it due to the pool
  • Stop having to spend your time worried about risks such as children falling in

Though pool removal sounds good, many homeowners don’t realize how easy it can be for a trained and experienced team like our own to help remove it.

How Pool Removal Services Work

When you decide that Maryland pool demolition services are right for you, our team will meet with you to discuss your needs. This consultation will help you explore all of your options including full and partial removal of the structure.

Full Structural Removal: We disconnect the plumbing, remove all of the debris after excavation, and fill in the open space with gravel and soil. This process is more expensive because it requires full excavation, but provides more benefits for those who want the structure fully removed.

Partial Structural Removal: In this type of demolition, we disconnect the plumbing and demolish the sides and top portion of the pool, allowing it to cave in on each other. Aside from the debris from the structure, you’ll also have dirt and gravel to fill in the open space.

In all cases, our team handles:

  • The securing of all permits for Maryland pool demolition work
  • Removal of all water and debris as needed
  • Demolition using only the safest equipment and the best trained professionals available
  • Full protection of your home, landscape and family throughout the process
  • Removal of debris from the structure when necessary
  • Filling in and compacting the soil to ensure it is as flat as possible
  • Installation of sod as needed and desired

Now is a fantastic time to sit down with our skilled team to discuss your specific needs. Pool removal in Maryland is available to you today. We are happy to create an estimate for your needs right away. Contact us today to discuss what you need done and let us answer all of your questions.

When you trust a team with years of experience and one that knows the area well, you do not have to worry about risks. We’re affordable and ready to work for you.

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