Picture your property, your life and your wallet once you have Maryland Pool Demolition mend that gaping pool. Long gone are the days when pools were a guaranteed way to increase resale value of a home. Pools are a very expensive way to use up resources even though most only get used for a fraction of their lifetime. When it comes time to retire that tired pool, or if it’s a chance to increase your home value, give Maryland Pool Demolition a call. We’re the most trusted name for pool demolition in Aberdeen or Havre De Grace, Maryland. An experience with us includes:

  • Pool demolition options that fit your needs and space
  • Affordable pricing on pool demolition in Aberdeen
  • Guaranteed workmanship
  • Safe and healthy work space
  • Seamless results with as little variation as possible

Pool Demolition Options

At Maryland Pool Demolition, we offer two types of pool demolition: full structural removal and partial structural removal.

Full Structural Removal: We disconnect the plumbing, break down the pool and remove all of the debris. Finally, we fill in the space with gravel, soil and sod. This process requires a full excavation and is therefore more expensive, but the benefits are greater.

We take care of removing debris, removing water (if needed), demolishing the structure, hauling, and back-filling and compacting the soil. With the pool is no longer in place, you can enjoy more space for the activities you love and none of the expensive pool upkeep.

Call us now to learn more about our Maryland pool demolition service.

Full Structural Removal: We disconnect the plumbing, remove all of the debris after excavation, and fill in the open space with gravel and soil. This process is more expensive because it requires full excavation, but provides more benefits for those who want the structure fully removed.

Partial Structural Removal: In this type of demolition, we disconnect the plumbing and demolish the sides and top portion of the pool, allowing it to cave in on each other. Aside from the debris from the structure, you’ll also have dirt and gravel to fill in the open space.