Daydreaming about the day that you demolish and fill in your backyard pool is free. But how expensive would it be to dive right in an do it? Maryland Pool Demolition focuses on how to get the job done effectively and efficiently, so you save. If you want to re-claim that precious backyard space and possibly increase the resale value of your home, now is the time to work with Bethesda and Potomac Maryland’s most trusted team of pool demolition experts.

Why demolishing and removing a pool makes sense

If you’re the frustrated owner of a money and energy draining in-ground pool, removing it may be exactly what you need to open up your yard space again. Need another reason?

  • You will have more space for the kind of entertaining you actually enjoy—garden tea parties or backyard BBQs.
  • Save thousands on chemicals, pool repair, and annual maintenance.
  • Spend more time doing what you love instead of managing a temperamental pool.
  • Completely cut your liability insurance.
  • Worry less about accidents and injuries that could occur.

Pool demolition services

Our initial consultation will help us explore which of the following removal processes is right for you.

Full Structural Removal: We disconnect the plumbing and drain the pool. We break apart the pool, remove the debris after excavation, and fill in the space with gravel, soil and sod. The process costs more than a partial structural removal but also has added benefits.

Partial Structural Removal: We disconnect the plumbing and drain the pool. The sides and top portion of the pool are broken down and allowed to cave in on each other. We will add dirt and gravel to fill the space.

To make this process ultimately smooth, our team will:

  • Remove all water and debris
  • Maintain a safe and healthy work environment
  • Maintain full protection of your home, landscape and family
  • Create a level area where the pool once was
  • Installation of sod as desired