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If you are a home owner and you want to remove a pool, look no further. We offer the best services for pool removal in Columbia Maryland. It does not matter what your reasons for removing your pool are we will ensure you are happy with the results.

Why come to us?

Equipment: We own all our equipment. This means that there are no subcontractors in all the aspects of the pool demolition. So you will just be working with our team.

Experience: in the service industry experience is deemed to be important. Being in the pool demolition business for years, we have accumulated expertise and knowledge that help us provide the best services to our customers.

Professional teams: we work in teams of highly trained and very professional teams. This way we get the work done in half the time. All team members treat our customers with utmost respect. Whenever you are ready there will always be a team that will meet with you for consultations. They will help you understand the different aspects of pool demolition.

There are two kind of demolition that our clients can choose from:

1. Partial structure removal

This is the one most of our clients choose since it is cheaper and there is less damage to the yard. In this demolition first our team drills holes on the bottom of the pool to ensure water drains. Only a few feet of the structure are removed and the debris is thrown into the deeper end of the pool. The pit is then filled with dirt and it is transformed into a back yard.

2. Full demolition

In this case all the concrete of the pool is usually removed and a pit is left. The pit is later filled with dirt. For stability reasons a soil stabilizer is added so that the soil does not shift.

Call us to get more information and quotes or you can visit our website. There is always a team ready to work with you.

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