Why hire M.P.D for Pool Demolition in Essex, Dundalk, and Sparrows Point.

There are so many reasons that a home owner would want their in ground or above ground concrete pool removed. These reasons include:

  • High maintenance costs
  • Hazard to the small children
  • ·They have out grown the pool

Whatever your reason is our well able team will help you meet your needs. We follow up with all our potential clients and explain to them our services. On top of that we give them a quote of the costs that is broken down so that it gives them the real estimate without any hidden costs.

There are some considerations that you have to make:

Permits: in Dundalk pool demolition is a big project and you will need permits from the city. Our clients do not have to worry about this. Getting the permits is one of the services according to our contract. We try as much as possible to keep abreast with all the changing laws so we can assist our clients abide by the law.

Type of pool removal: the clients can choose between a full pool removal or they can go for the partial pool removal. Their preferences as well as their budget will determine which pool removal service they will get. The partial pool removal is much cheaper than the full pool removal. In the full pool removal in Dundalk Maryland we demolish all the concrete and we dispose the debris for our clients. In the partial only the top concrete is removed and thrown in the deep side of the pool then it is filled with dirt making the process cheaper.

Other considerations: since we are using heavy equipment, we help our customers understand that there will be damage on their drive way as the equipment brings in the dirt and removes the debris. This is very well stated in the contract.

We leave the site neat and clear off all the dirt. To hire our services you can reach us or book a consultation through our website.

Taking pride in serving Essex, Dundalk, Edgemere, and Sparrows Point