Are you thinking about removing the pool from your Edgewater, Maryland home? You’re not the only one. We’ve become more and more busy with pool removals now that homeowners are taking a more money and environmentally conscious stance toward their backyard recreation. Many of our clients have dreams of placing native fruit and veggie patches or putting greens where their pools once were. They are even known to call us up and thank us when their receive their new (and improved) homeowner liability insurance bill. We couldn’t be happier to help!

Now, how can Maryland Pool Demolition help you with your Edgewater Pool Demolition project? Whatever questions you have about pool demolition, removal and back-fill can be answered by one of our knowledgeable experts. Give us a call!

When it comes time to demolish a pool, we take the time to obtain permits and conduct inspections before we start the process of removing the pool. Once everything passes our inspection, we proceed with draining, demolishing, back-filling, grading and compacting the soil. We can even add sod on top to finish the lawn.

Edgewater Pool Demolition Process

First, the pool must first be drained and thoroughly inspected by one of our pool technicians. We start by drilling holes in the concrete at the bottom of the pool for drainage during the demolition. We then break apart the concrete and use some of the natural materials we remove (concrete, brick, mortar) to help back-fill the pool. We then finish filling the hole with with gravel and soil. Finally, we finish the area with sod, or as per your request.

Pool Material Disposal

We will reuse as much of the salvageable pool materials to save you money. We also want to send the least amount of leftover concrete to the dump as possible. Everything we do is keeps our main concerns—client and planet health and safety—parallel at all times.