Contact us to have us get rid your underutilized pool. Over the years, families may outgrow the need for a large pool area. The effort to downsize by removing the pool area will give you back an outdoor living space to utilize in a new manner. The highly trained experts and contractors will be able to answer all your questions concerning pool removal.

Why Remove a Pool?

Many people may wonder if removing a pool is the right option for their current lifestyle.

  • The pool is no longer used. Children have grown and left home.
  • Provide extra space for a garden or gazebo to add a new element to the landscape.
  • Eliminate the expense for chemicals, cleaning, and maintenance.
  • Reduce risks to young children
  • Lower home insurance policy.

Costs of Removing a Pool

The costs of pool removal in Silver Spring Maryland will vary with each situation. Different aspects can increase or decrease the costs of the service.

  • The type of overall pool structure is a major component. Is the pool above or below ground? Each type needs to be handled in a different manner. Above ground pools are generally less expensive to remove than in ground pools.
  • The size of the pool, larger pools may need more tools, team members and effort for removal.
  • The ability to get to the pool area for easy removal.
  • The type of removal utilized, filling in the pool, partial fill in, or complete removal.
  • The area around the pool for removal, larger decks, and other structures may create a higher cost of removal.

The Silver Spring pool demolition experts will be more than happy to discuss your individual needs for pool removal. We take care of anything from beginning to the end such as to adding sod, the professional team will handle all aspects of the pool removal while providing a safe work space. The team will give you outstanding results in all areas of the pool removal task.