The time has come to demolish and remove that tired, energy-sucking, time-wasting, space-taking

An on-site visit, consultation and quote is totally free. We will assess access points, obstructions, size and depth of pool, hardscapes, etc. Once we have this, we will send the quote via email for your review. Most pools take 5-7 days to complete. Our quote will state if, for any reason, your pool will take more time to complete. All Waldorf Pool Demolition projects follow our very own 4-step formula.

Step 1: The team will start prepping the site and the pool will be drained of all water. Obstructions will be removed, and all movable elements will be disposed of.

Step 2: Four holes will be made in the deep end and four in the shallow end for drainage and the sides will be removed 3 ft. below grade level. Brick, concrete and stone—only environmentally friendly materials—will be cut and used as clean fill for the hole.

Step 3: Sand, screening and soil will be used to finish filling the pool, and sod or seed will laid down as requested.

Step 4: Our team will replace any parts of your fence that had to be dismantled. We will also rake any tracks from our equipment and lay down seed where needed.

Sodding good!

We always recommend sodding but it is certainly not a requirement. It all depends on what your dream landscape looks like and whether sod is a part of that vision. If you want more yard space, we can make that happen by putting down top quality soil, sod and seed. The soil we use is enriched to promote the growth of either sod or seed and we buy from local, reliable suppliers. Grass seed will grow lush and green but it takes more time to grow and birds and animals tend to eat the seeds before they have a chance to take root.