It’s not that swimming pools aren’t fun anymore, but sometimes they’re just not practical and they’re definitely a cash suck. A growing number of homeowners are discover life after a swimming pool is cheaper and has a lot more free time. We get calls from a lot of new empty nesters who are planning to use their pool savings on vacations and the extra space in their yard for a sustainable garden. In some cases, your pool may even deter potential buyers, ultimately devaluate the resale value of the home.

Our typical client wants to:

  • Have extra room in their yard to entertain or play games
  • Feel safer by eliminating a great safety hazard
  • See their homeowner’s insurance premiums decrease

Westminster – Hampstead Pool Demolition Services

Removing an in-ground pool is a labor intensive undertaking that should never be done by the homeowner, but it is becoming more and more common. Maryland Pool Demolition has years of experience in efficient pool removal throughout the Westminster area. Our process is swift and professional, so you and your neighbors will not be inconvenienced for longer than necessary.

From the day we survey your property to the time we finish laying down sod where the pool used to be, the entire demolition will take 7 to 10 days, no longer (except for special cases).

Maryland Pool Demolition are experts on all the details, such as:

  • Securing the required permits
  • Efficient ways to drain water from the pool
  • Locating and avoiding below-ground wiring and gas lines
  • Disposing of old pool equipment at an environmentally-friendly facility
  • Creating a biologically stable area (soil and grass sod) where the pool once was

Why Choose Maryland Pool Demolition?

We are the Hampstead -Westminster’s leading pool demolition experts, and our team is the most trusted when it comes to demolishing a pool and filling the space in a quick, efficient and professional manner. Our prices are very competitive.

Contact Maryland Pool Demolition to talk about how the pool demolition and removal process works, how long it will take, and how much it will cost.